The Roles Music Plays In Our Life


The Role of Music in our Life

Music is the greatest creation of mankind. Music has an important role in all of our lives. It is a way of expressing our feelings and emotions

A lot of people think that music is a therapy that calms people down, as a way to escape from the pain of life. It gives you relief and allows you to reduce the stress in our lives.It also helps people feel joyful and cheerful.

Music also develops the mind and boosts plays an important role in our life than just being a source of entertainment

music makes you Express Your Emotions

When playing an instrument it usually reflects your thoughts and emotions. It communicates with your brain the thoughts without saying a word. When we try to understand the music,then as per research, it makes our brain more creative.

Music Makes Us More Creativemusic notes

Music is a key to creativity. It helps to improve your mind by making it more artistic. It requires art, creativity and imagination that music fulfills.It also is proven that music has the potential to improve your listening and understanding ability. When listening to a song,you try to understand what the singer is trying to convey through the song that he is singing. Understanding ability is enhanced, when a person listens to an instrument he uses his brain to understand the message conveyed by the musician without saying a word.

Music Makes Learning More Pleasant

music helps to memorize. It is easier to learn songs because whatever your mind enjoys, it preserves it. Music helps you learn new things more quickly because of the enjoyment of music. Poems are being taught to children because they find them interesting so its much easier to remember. The music in the poems makes it more enjoyable, therefore you retain them in your memory throughout your life. Even schools realize the importance of music by adding methods of teaching by making their subjects more interesting with the help of music.

Music Serves So Many Purposesmusic to my ears

To name a few different purposes. Imagine you watching a movie, whether it be a drama or comedy,and during that movie there isn’t a musical note or music inserted in key parts of certain scenes, imagine how dull and how much it would change the scenes the director was trying to get across to his audience,whether it was a comedy part or a suspense scene.

How about when you go to a wedding and the bride walks down the aisle and there is no music, it would change the whole atmosphere of the wedding. Then there is the reception afterwards, where music makes the whole event so much happier with people dancing and celebrating and having a good time.

Music has so many roles in our life I could go on and on and without music playing such an important role in our lives and children’s lives I don’t think our life would be fulfilled without it

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