Self Learn a Musical Instrument

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There are a ton of options to self learn a musical instrument. You can go to You Tube in the music section that has tutorials on how to play instruments in pretty much any style you want. All you have to do is search what instrument you are interested in learning,spend a little time watching the teacher.If you feel comfortable with that teacher your ready to learn. If your not comfortable with that teacher move on to the next one because there are a ton of teachers to choose from, so take your time and make sure your comfortable with the teacher you choose.
If sheet music is more to your liking there are plenty of options out there to learn from sheet music. You can use mobile apps to practice or study on the go. Both the Tune store and Google Play have plenty of mobile apps that help you take your learning on the go. As you would expect the bulk of these apps teach you skills like chords and how to read sheet music.
Everyone loves music but have different ways to enjoy it. Either listening to a song or playing an instrument or singing.Each one has its own choice in joining oneself to music. It could be a hobby or career choice. This allows them a step closer to music.
As you know,there are plenty of instruments to choose from to learn how to play. If you are interested in buying an instrument zZounds offers the widest selection of name-brand instruments at guaranteed lowest prices. You can purchase over 125,000 different products from their website 24 hours a day.
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Its inexpensive to purchase and fun to play. It has four nylon strings (as opposed to six on a guitar) ,so you could easily pick up simple chords and play some of your favorite songs in a matter of a few weeks. You will also pick up many fundamental skills that if you ever wanted to graduate to the guitar it would be much simpler.


This instrument is also known as the (“Blues Harp”) and can be played in blues, folk,country music, jazz or rock.It’s a great choice for beginners.Harmonicas are very portable and you don’t have to worry about them being out of key


This instrument originated out of Cuba and consists of two conjoined drums. If you are a fan of Latin music or salsa, this is the instrument to play.It’s a simpler option than trying to learn a full set of drum kit but can provide the same satisfying percussion experience. If you enjoy playing them you could move onto other percussion instruments much more easily.


This instrument you would think to be a hard instrument to play because you need to coordinate both hands at once-but it actually is said to be one of the easiest instruments to learn.
Because the notes are all laid out in front of you,its easier to understand than many other instruments even though you can play wrong notes, you can never play out of tune like other instruments. This is a very popular instrument therefore there is no shortage of learning material.


This instrument looks like a smaller version of the xylophone, instead of having wooden bars, it has metal ones instead. This instrument is usually one of the first instruments you become introduced to in music class as a child. The glockenspiel is a great way to get in touch with your inner child and your inner musician.


This instrument is the perfect first wind instrument to start with. Some don’t consider it a real instrument because of how cheap it is to purchase( versus a flute).The recorder is a great instrument that is played by everyone from the absolute beginner up to the trained professionals. One doesn’t necessarily require a super-skilled teacher to learn how to coordinate the fingers, tongue and their breath-all three things at once-in order to play any tunes to a reasonable standard.
Whatever instrument you choose, excelling at music will eventually feel easy and natural,just as long as you’re engaged in your lessons and have a good teacher,if that is your chosen way to learn, who will nurture your inner musicality along the way.

what’s your goal

Self-learning is a great way to go and is a great way to challenge and improve yourself, however,there are some elements of an instrument that are difficult to learn without help and lessons can be a real game changer. If your goal is to learn for fun, there are some great resources and you can be on your way. If your goal is to be a professional, then consider finding a good teacher to help build the necessary skills.

how are you with routine

you want to learn by yourself, then you have to be ready to set a routine a goal for yourself. The best way to make sure you are improving is by practice and repetition. You have to make sure you are willing to set aside time for practice and learning for your development as a musician.

how is your motivation

When you first start off learning your instrument there will be a lot of frustrating moments and you have to find a way to push past these moments. You will make a lot of mistakes and this can cause you to just drop your instrument, throw up your hands,and just walk away. To successfully learn by yourself, you need to find your motivation by yourself and hold it.



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