electric guitar amplifiers

Having the right equipment to hear your instrument clearly is a key factor when choosing electric guitar amplifiers. Having a good amplifier can make all the difference in the world when playing your guitar as far as sound goes.
In this article I will try to educate you on what to look for and what is right for you when choosing electric guitar amplifiers.IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PURCHASING A INSTRUMENT, besides Amazon, which I highlighted in blue throughout this article,   ZZOUNDS OFFERS THE WIDEST SELECTION OF NAME-BRAND INSTRUMENTS AT GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICES. YOU CAN PURCHASE OVER 125,000 DIFFERENT PRODUCTS FROM THEIR WEBSITE 24 HOURS A DAY.
As an Amazon Associate I earn from QUALIFYING more.get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.As the owner of this website I’ve tracked down special deals for some of the products and services mentioned herein. When you use the links on this page to make a purchase i may get a small commission and you may get a great bargain. It’s a win-win all around FULL DISCLOUSURE
Different Types of Amps
There are five different types of electric guitar amplifiers that I will summarize as briefly as possible.
1- Tube Amps – This type of amp can give you a natural distortion and can also give you a warm sound. These amps can be very heavy to carry to
A close-up of vacuum tubes and valves inside a Headstrong Lil King S 1×12 combo, electric guitar amplifier. During a studio shoot for Guitarist Magazine/Future via Getty Images, November 18, 2010. (Photo by Jesse Wild/Guitarist Magazine/Future via Getty Images)
gigs and the tubes inside the amps will have to be replaced because they don’t last forever if you plan on keeping the amp for a long period.
2- Modeling Amps – This amp is made by using digital technology to recreate the sound of a tube amp. They use programmable internal software which can give you a wide variety of digital effects. Some of these modeling amps can use digital or analog product outputs, which gives you an advantage when connecting a recording device making it much easier.
3- Solid State Amps – This amp is a lot lighter and compact than your tube amp. The sound you get from this type of amp is a very clean sound and not the same warm sound you get with a tube amp. There are some models that offer more distortion. These amps hold up well to regular use, instead of using tubes inside the amp, solid state amps have what they call transistors in their power sections and pre amp. Musicians like the reliability and durability of these amps.
4- Hybrid Amps – These type of amps have a mixture of tubes and transistors. They use the best features of the other amp type by using tubes in the preamp section and transistors in the power section, thus, you can get the sound of the tube amp and the durability of the solid state amp.
5- Acoustic Amps – This amp is used for solo and small group performances. It gives a nice clean crisp sound and full range sound to your guitar. It keeps distortion to a minimum and often has onboard input for a microphone.
Amp Heads and Combo Amps
1- Amp Heads – A amp head has amplifier parts but no speaker. You have to connect a speaker to be heard with cables in order to use it. Some manufacturers sell the heads and speakers as a package deal, which is known in the music industry as amplifier stacks. The disadvantage of having this setup is you have more equipment to lug around with you.
2- Combo Amps – This is one piece of equipment having both the speaker and amplifier head parts. This piece of equipment is easier to travel around with and easier to use. All you have to do with this type of amp is plug it into an outlet and your ready to play. If you plan on playing really loud I would choose an amp head.
Combo Amps vs Amp Stacks
There are three options to choose from, a combo amp, a half stack, and a full stack.
1- Combo Amps – If you are playing out a lot on gigs you may want to consider this amp because of it being one piece of equipment to carry.
2- Half-Stack – This consists of an amp head and one speaker cabinet which you can choose what size speakers you would want to use. This produces a powerful thumping sound. Depending on what type of music you are playing will decide if you want to go with a half-stack or full-stack.
3- Full-Stack – This consist of an amp head and two speaker cabinets. This stack gives you an even more of a powerful thumping sound. Depending on the size of the room and type of music you are playing determines your choice. If you are playing in front of a live audience you might want to mic. The amp for best results. Amp stacks are more difficult to set up and break down, so keep that in mind when choosing your setup.
Built In Sounds
Most amplifiers have built in sounds giving you a more versatile sound. Here are some common effects that comes with the amp.
1- Reverb – This creates an echo like sound.
2- Tremolo – This varies the volume of your guitar in a rhythmic pattern.
3- Equalization – This helps boost or reduce certain frequency ranges.
Guitar Amp Price Range
There are a various amounts of prices on amps based on speaker size and effects. You can spend as little as $25 to $500 on an amp. Here is an estimated breakdown on what you would get for your money.IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PURCHASING A INSTRUMENT, besides Amazon, I highlighted in blue throughout this article,   ZZOUNDS OFFERS THE WIDEST SELECTION OF NAME-BRAND INSTRUMENTS AT GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICES. YOU CAN PURCHASE OVER 125,000 DIFFERENT PRODUCTS FROM THEIR WEBSITE 24 HOURS A DAY.
– Low-Cost-Amp- A amp ranging from $25 to $100 will get you 15 watts or less of power and a 3″ speaker in size. You will probably not have any special effects.
-Mid-Range-Amp- A amp ranging from $100 to $300 will get you a bigger speaker ranging anywhere from 8″ to 10″ and 15 to 30 watts power. You will probably get a few onboard effects in the package.
-Expensive Amps- A amp ranging from $300 to $500 will get you a wide array of onboard effects with 30 watts of power and at least two 12″ speakers.
What Amp To Choose
If you are a beginner playing the guitar, a modeling amp may be best to purchase. You get excellent sound quality and less maintenance than a tube amp. You also get versatile digital effects that you can experiment with.
A solid state amp is fairly low in cost and easy to maintain but doesn’t have as many digital effects. They are light in weight but that isn’t much to worry about if you are a beginner because I don’t think you would be ready to play out on gigs yet.
If noise is a concern I would choose a smaller amp with around 15 to 20 watts for practicing so no one is disturbed.
When you are ready to perform live performances, a solid state amp is best for higher sound quality because it has a better sound quality than a modeling amp and much more reliable than a tube amp.
Solid state amps aren’t as expensive as tube amps if money is a factor and when playing live performances they are lighter to carry around to each gig.
Some best amps out on the market today
I found some of the amps below on Amazon hilighted in blue with great prices. The ones not hilighted you will have to look around for them since I couldn’t find them on amazon.Another great place to find good prices on instruments is  HREF=”HTTPS://WWW.ZZOUNDS.COM/A–3968605
1- Fender Mustang LT25 -best versatile amp.
2- Marshall JCM25/50 2555x silver jubilee reissue – a great reissue of one of the most coveted Marshalls.
3- Boss ACS Live – Best live performance amp.
4- Vox AC15C2 – Pretty much the only affordable 2×12 LL84drive 15 watt valve combos available.
5- Roland AC-40 – Best compact amp perfect for traveling musicians.
6- PRS MT15 Mark Tremonti – great amp for metal and hard rock music.
7- Marshall AS100D – Best vintage style amp meant for larger gigs with 100 watts of power.
8- Fender 68 Custom Deluxe Reverb – One of the best Fender amps ever but not enough gain for hard rock but does have a wide range of classic rock tones.
9- Fender Super Champ X2 – This is a great amp for home practice.
10- Marshall AS50D – This is a great amp for acoustic gigs.
Hopefully I gave you enough information on amplifiers so you can choose what amplifier best suits your need when playing your guitar. You should now have a better knowledge on amplifiers and what is offered by the manufacturers. If you have a question please don’t hesitate to ask and hopefully I can answer it for you.




Electric Bass Guitar Buying Guide

Electric bass guitars help link all the other instruments to the drums, giving a full complete sound. The electric bass guitar comes in four, five and six strings.
When looking to purchase an electric bass guitar, it can get very frustrating because of the overwhelming number of choices out on the market to choose from. How many strings, what type of wood, what style are you looking for etc..IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PURCHASING A INSTRUMENT, besides Amazon, which I highlighted in blue throughout this article,   ZZOUNDS OFFERS THE WIDEST SELECTION OF NAME-BRAND INSTRUMENTS AT GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICES. YOU CAN PURCHASE OVER 125,000 DIFFERENT PRODUCTS FROM THEIR WEBSITE 24 HOURS A DAY.
As an Amazon Associate I earn from QUALIFYING more.get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.As the owner of this website I’ve tracked down special deals for some of the products and services mentioned herein. When you use the links on this page to make a purchase i may get a small commission and you may get a great bargain. It’s a win-win all around FULL DISCLOUSURE
Hopefully in this article I can educate you on some fundamentals of the electric bass guitar so you have an easier time when choosing what you are looking for.


There are several types of styles to choose from when looking for a bass guitar. Below are some typical types to choose from.
1- P Bass – This style is called the Precision Bass which was the first electric bass guitar on the market back in 1951. It has a thick neck and a split-coil pickup, which I will explain what that pickup is later in this article. The P bass is a very comfortable instrument to play. Fender, who is well-known in the music industry came out with this style and a lot of companies copied this design.
2- Fender Mustang PJ bass – This is the granddaddy of bass guitars. This bass guitar has both the smooth Jazz pickup from a fender J- Bass and the split pickups from a fender P bass.
This is an attractive looking four string bass guitar with its rosewood fretboard and maple neck and has a great range of tone.
This guitar can be used for playing Jazz or Funk because of its multiple pickups and is very popular with a lot of famous bands. This guitar is not cheap because of its features.
3- J Bass – This style is also made by Fender and is usually purchased for playing jazz, thus the letter J in the name of the bass and has a similar look of a P bass. What distinguishes this Guitar from the p bass is the different pick guard shape, dual pickups and it has a slimmer neck. The J bass is more versatile than the P bass because of its slimmer neck where you can actually play chords.
4- Thunderbird – This electric bass guitar is manufactured by an another very well-known company in the music industry called Gibson. It has dual humbucking pickups and a wide body which tone wise gives it a higher or brighter punchy sound. You should definitely try one out before purchasing this bass because of its neck being a bit heavy.
5- SG – This model is also made by Gibson.this bass guitar has a duller warmer sound than the fender bass guitar. But because it is very light and its body shape it is very easy to play.
6- Flying V – This type of bass guitar has a shape that allows you to be able to play higher notes. Because of its shape, it is a much harder bass guitar to be able to sit when playing. This is a unique and very cool looking bass guitar.
7- Violin – This type of bass guitar produces a muted natural tone
that harmonizes nicely with other instruments They are short scale, which makes this style bass light and easy to transport

Types of Tonewood

like all instrument, these types of woods make up a huge difference in the sound it produces, price of the instrument, play ability, and looks.
1- Basswood – This is the most common material used on an electric bass guitar because of its cost. This wood produces very little sustain which is a preference to many bass players who play fast complex pieces
2- Maple – This wood produces a nice sustain because of the heaviness of the wood. It also creates a clear crisp sound which really stands out when playing with other instruments.
3- Mahogany – This wood is another heavy type wood which produces a softer warmer tone which has low mid tones unlike the higher crisp tones of the maple wood.
4- Ash – This wood has a really nice grain to it and usually you would put some type of clear varnish on it to highlight the grain. It creates a fair amount of sustain and a nice balance and depth to its bright overtones.

Neck Type

There are three types of necks made for electric bass guitar which plays a vital role in playing the instrument and producing different sounds.
1- Bolt-On – This type of neck is cheaper to manufacture and makes it much easier to replace in case something goes wrong with the neck. They are a separate piece that gets bolted on the body of the guitar.
2- Neck-Through – This type of neck is made by gluing several pieces of wood together. It is expensive but has a sustain that doesn’t compare because there is no joint between the neck and body to interfere with vibration.
3- Set – these type of necks are similar to the bolt-on necks that use a dovetail joint instead of a metal bolt. These necks are between bolt-on and neck-through as far as sustain goes.


Pickups play a very important role in your playing and style of music you are playing. There are three types of pickups.
1- Humbucker – This type of pickup is for high output players. The design of the pickup decreases excess noises and its primary function is for gain and punch.
2- Single-Coil – This is the most common of the three pickups for most electric bass guitars and electric guitars. It produces a bright tone that becomes friendly when you add some distortion. There are usually two single-coil pickups on an electric bass guitar, one located near the bridge and the other near the neck, which the bass player can extend in his choice.
3- Split-Coil – This pickup is very popular on p bass electric guitars. It gives a very full deep boomy sound with low-end and mid- range accents. You won’t get a hum-noise with this pickup when raising the volume.

Price Ranges of Electric Bass Guitars

Least Expensive Price – You can get an electric bass guitar for as little as $100.00. What you will probably get for that price is a basic basswood bass guitars with four strings and simple electronics. They can sound pretty good and can pack a punch but when you start raising the volume you won’t get the clarity and experience more noise. This price range would be a good beginner pack, which would include the bass guitar, four strings, strap, and a soft gig bag.
mid-range Price – For around $500.00 you would get a better tonewood, better pickups, four or five strings, and a more variety of finishes and designs,
Top of the Line – For $1,000.00 and above you would get the best wood available, fantastic clear sounding pickups no matter how high the volume, maximum sustain, neck-through designs, and five or six string basses.


There are a lot of quality basses on the market today and hopefully through this article, I made it a little easier to choose what electric bass guitar you are looking for on your decision to buy one. The more you know about the different styles and features of an instrument, the easier it is to choose what you are looking for. If you have any questions I would be happy to try to answer them for you.


What To Look For When Buying An Electric Guitar

What To Look For When Buying An Electric Guitar

If you are reading this it means you are interested in buying an electric guitar that is worth its money and you want to choose one that will be good quality.
In order to do this you need to get educated on what makes up an electric guitar and its components, like its construction and different features, which I hope I will help you understand on this subject on what to look for when purchasing.
There are so many different electric guitars on the market today to choose from which can really be overwhelming whether you are a beginner or seasoned musician.
Hopefully, I will try to give you as much information as I can so you can make a good decision when you finally decide on what electric guitar is right for you.
As an Amazon Associate I earn from QUALIFYING more.get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.As the owner of this website I’ve tracked down special deals for some of the products and services mentioned herein. When you use the links on this page to make a purchase i may get a small commission and you may get a great bargain. It’s a win-win all around FULL DISCLOUSURE


When looking for a guitar try to set a budget so you can narrow the field on selecting your purchase. It is best to purchase the right electric guitar within the budget you can afford and not waste your time looking at guitars you really can’t afford .
You don’t want to look just for the cheapest guitar out there because usually you get what you pay for and you probably wouldn’t be happy with your selection.

What are Some Features of an Electric Guitar

– Tone Knobs – This knob lets you go back and forth between the low and high frequencies.
– Pickups – You can have as many as one to four pickups on an electric guitar. Pickups are used to pick up the sound of the guitar which will vibrate a magnetic coil that is internal. That vibration produces an electric signal that travels through to the amplifier which gives you your sound.
– Volume Knob – All electric guitars have volume knobs. Sometimes an electric guitar can have as many as three knobs. This knob is exactly what it says, it allows you to decrease or increase the loudness of the guitar.
-Selector/Cutoff Switches – The majority of electric guitars have the capacity of selecting a combination of pickups- these switches are used to toggle back and forth between the individual pickups and can activate or cut them off.
– Output Jack – This is where you plug a 1/4″ cable from the guitar to the amplifier and is usually located on the bottom lip or back end of the guitar.

Electric Guitar Bodies

The different types of bodies on an electric guitar is broken down into different categories. Each category has its own sound and what type of music you are playing. You might want to consider what type of music you are interested in playing and your style of playing when choosing what type of body you want to purchase. There are three types of bodies to choose from on an electric guitar.
1- Solid Body – These are the heavier electric guitars and are very sturdy. They are typically made from a single piece of wood. These guitars have to be plugged into an amplifier to be heard because there is no resonance chamber. This guitar is usually what you would choose if you intend on playing Rock and Roll, Metal and Punk Rock style music. The pickups on this guitar are very important in its sound.
2 – Semi-Hollow – This type of body on a guitar is usually used for playing Folk-Rock, Country and Lead Guitar Work. They have a cutout design and a small portion of the body is hollow and gives a bright and chime-like tone
3 – Hollow Body – This type of electric guitar is usually chosen if you are interested in playing Jazz due to the warm and deep mid-range sound. They work best with mellow, low volume amplifiers. This style guitar is hollow on the inside. There is no sound hole like there is on an acoustic guitar and they use a different type of pickup than a solid body electric guitar.

Examine the Electric Guitars Makeup and Uses

1 – Neck – Some of these necks are narrow which would be a better choice for a child or someone with a small hand span and other necks can be wide which are good for adults with a large hand span. They can be made with in a c-shape, thin, wide-thin, wide etc.
2 – Set Neck Vs Bolt On – A set neck on a guitar is glued on which has a better sustain than a bolt on neck. There are two well-known electric guitar examples of these two type necks, one being the Fender Stratocaster and the other being the Gibson Les Paul.
3 – Body Style – As previously stated, there are different body type styles, so you should choose according to what type of music you are interested in playing more often. Solid body electric guitars are good for sustain and loud amplification, whereas, a hollow body electric guitar is great for Jazz style and semi hollow body electric guitars are good for acoustic sound with lots of amplification wanted, which was mentioned above.
4 – Intonation – The distance between the frets on an electric guitar has a lot to do with its intonation. This determines whether the guitar is in tune as you move up the neck of the guitar. If the distance between the frets are off, the guitar will not be able to play in tune.
5 – Number of Frets – Usually an electric guitar will have 22 frets. You can have 24 frets if you like playing in the high register which would give you another whole octave above the 12th fret.
6 – Bridge – There are two types of bridges used on an electric guitar, the tremolo bridge and the stop tail bridge. The tremolo bridge allows musicians to bend all the strings at once, which is good for heavy metal style music. Metal playing musicians love it even though it may throughout the tune of the guitar. The stop tail bridge is much more stable because it is fixed into the body and provides more sustain.
7 – Wood – Different woods on an electric guitar creates different sounds and tones. Even though a wood may be more expensive than another doesn’t necessarily mean it will sound better than a cheaper type wood.
8 – Pickups – Most electric guitars have two pickups, which are located on the neck, for a thicker sound, and one close to the bridge, for a more twangy sound. If a guitar has two pickups, there is usually a three position switch that will allow musicians to choose the pickups or blend them together. Below is a picture labeling the different parts of the electric guitar


Hopefully I have given you enough information so when you do shop for an electric guitar you know what you are looking at. There are a large variety of guitars out there to choose from, while price is a factor, you don’t want to go for the cheapest electric guitar out there. You will most likely be disappointed on your choice in the long run, because, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for, unless you get lucky and find a gem for the price. When you know what to look for like frets, pickups, woods and so on, it makes it a little easier to make an educated decision on what to buy for your needs, whether it be Rock and Roll, Folk, or Jazz, you now have a better understanding of what types of electric guitars are good for what types of music.IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PURCHASING A INSTRUMENT, besides Amazon, which I highlighted throughout this article,   ZZOUNDS OFFERS THE WIDEST SELECTION OF NAME-BRAND INSTRUMENTS AT GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICES. YOU CAN PURCHASE OVER 125,000 DIFFERENT PRODUCTS FROM THEIR WEBSITE 24 HOURS A DAY.
If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to ask and I will do my best to answer them.

Acoustic Guitar Reviews

If you are a guitar player or thinking of becoming one, an acoustic guitar s one instrument that can’t be beat because of its simplistic beauty. The acoustic guitar is user-friendly and you can’t beat the price. Some musical instruments can be very pricey for beginners and much more difficult to learn. Acoustic guitar’s are easier to learn, easy to carry around with you and a lot less noisy to the ears. They are a lot easier to purchase price wise. The hardest part is finding the right acoustic guitar to fit you. There are certain aspects to look for when shopping for an acoustic guitar.
If you are interested in purchasing a instrument, besides Amazon, which I highlighted in blue throughout this article,   zZounds offers the widest selection of name-brand instruments at guaranteed lowest prices. You can purchase over 125,000 different products from their website 24 hours a day.
<a href=""
As an Amazon Associate I earn from QUALIFYING more.get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.As the owner of this website I’ve tracked down special deals for some of the products and services mentioned herein. When you use the links on this page to make a purchase i may get a small commission and you may get a great bargain. It’s a win-win all around FULL DISCLOUSURE

Selecting Tonewoods

1-Rosewood-This is one of the most popular choices, it is usually seen on the fretboard of the guitar.
2-Basswood- This is usually found on more inexpensive acoustic guitar’s because of the price of the wood.
3-Ash- This tonewood is known for its pleasing resonance and is very popular.
4-Cedar- this tonewood is usually used on top of the guitar.
5-Mahogany and Maple- These two tonewoods when paired together are two of the best.
6-Spruce- This tonewood is fairly inexpensive and also used for the top of the guitar with good results.
There are other combinations of tonewoods also that can sound good when you’re shopping, the best way to choose one is either listen to a recording of the guitar or simply try one out for yourself in a store.


Most manufacturers pre-string the acoustic guitar before selling them to keep the tension while its settling into shape. They usually use a middle gauge, which can be hard on the fingers, especially if you are starting out as a beginner. Before you go changing them, you should seek advice from an experienced teacher or musician if you are starting out because, some playing styles, like chord strumming are easier with heavier gauge strings.

Expensive Strings

Strings do play an important role on an acoustic guitar’s overall tones and resonances, but they will not improve a bad guitar’s performance. Excessive buzzing is a symptom of the strings being too close to the fretboard. You could put the most expensive strings on a guitar that buzzes and it will not solve the problem.

Steel Strings and Nylon Strings

Steele strings have a lot more tension on a guitar’s head and neck than nylon strings. Some musicians would rather have steel strings if they are going to be using a slide or plan on playing blues or rock trying different techniques.
Steel strings may not be a good idea for classical and flamingo guitar’s because they can’t handle the extra stress that the steel strings put on it.
Nylon strings are much easier on the fingers if you are a beginner. Nylon strings gives you a mellower tone for finger picking music.
You can use a lighter gauge metal string if your Leary about changing to nylon strings which could be just as easy on your fingers as nylon strings would be.

Todays Strings

Because of the ever-changing technology, it is always advisable to do your research to see what options are out there.
Some manufacturers wrap copper, silk, or nylon around the lower steel wires which produces a more delicate tone. Some manufacturers put a polymer coating to reduce friction and rust. Bronze alloys containing phosphor or aluminum extends the life of the strings.

What To look for When Buying

There are a wide variety of acoustic guitar’s out there to choose from and can get very confusing. When it comes to acoustic guitar’s, tonality is an important factor. Sound holes, fretboard, type of strings, and type body all play individual roles in the sound of the guitar. Even how far the strings are from the fretboard (“called the action”), can affect the sound.
Some manufactures rely on adhesives or carpentry joints(dovetails) to keep the body and neck together under tension while other manufacturers reinforce this connection mechanically using special metal truss rods or screws.
The overall fit should be strong with no signs of warping or splitting or cracking.
Tonewoods and type of finish can also make a difference in quality.

Cost of an Acoustic Guitar

An acoustic guitar can cost anywhere from less than $100.00 to over $15,000 for a rare vintage collectible.
Sometimes the difference between a low-end guitar and a high-end guitar is mostly cosmetic. It could be made of a pricier tonewood or a more intricate inlay on the body of the guitar.
Other times there is a true difference in overall quality between the two. The differences are the craftsmanship and choice materials that the manufacturer uses.
If you are a beginner student, you will not necessarily benefit from an expensive brand name guitar, but a professional musician with years of experience under his belt may want to examine the material choices before investing in a new guitar.
Hopefully, I gave you enough information so you can make a good educated decision when looking to buy an acoustic guitar. I picked a few acoustic guitar’s for review to show you the differences on some of these varieties.

Rogue (ra090) dreadnought

This guitar is priced that anyone can afford. It’s an ideal instrument for the beginner.


This guitar has a balanced tone and plenty of projection, that it can be heard across the room.
This affordable guitar features a whitewood body which brings out lots of mid-range punch. The nato neck adds sustain without losing any strength in tone. The painted maple bridge and fingerboard add clarity to each note, and has a beautiful look to the front of the guitar. The RA-90s c-shape neck 1-2/3″ nut width and 16″ radius help with intricate fretboard movements when running up and down the 20 frets. It has nickel hardware and covered tuners.


It does have small flaws that are visible but does not affect the sound, like for instance, visual imperfections in the finish and not a perfectly smooth sanding job before the final finish and also has a glue smell.

Washburn (wd 100 dl) dreadnought mahogany

This guitar is a steel string acoustic guitar that has a mahogany top and dreadnought size, which makes it great for both practice and playing out. Mahogany is dark colored wood that, when used as a guitar soundboard, creates a warm, full tone. It also features mahogany back and sides which helps balance out the powerful low-and high-end inherent to the dreadnought body shape. This guitar has a very pleasant sound and is loud enough to be heard in small venue without amplification.
It has a full-length 251/2″ mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard, a rosewood bridge, vintage style headstock, die-cast tuners, and a gig bag.


Very good construction with a natural finish on it. The guitar stays in tune once tuned. It has nice, low action, which makes it good for anyone to play on, whether you are a beginner or a professional. It has a full sound. The strings it comes with are good quality


This guitar may need to be setup upon arrival. If you are a beginner or not experienced enough you would have to take it to a guitar shop to get it set up, otherwise great guitar for the money.

Best Choice Products-(38 inch starter pkg) acoustic guitar for beginners

If you are looking for a childs toy, this acoustic guitar for beginners, this could be the right choice


This guitar has a very low price on it and would be a great start as a beginner package.


The guitar construction and tone has quality issues, plus there are no dots on the neck or fretboard.

Epiphone acoustic guitar(dr-100)

This guitar is recommended a lot of times by teachers for its low price and resonant mahogany components. Beginner students will have a better learning experience because of the improvement of the sound of this guitar.


With this guitar you have 3 color choices and it has a mahogany back and neck with an authentic acoustic sound.


This guitar tends to have a buzzing sound when playing it so,you may have to adjust the bridge.

Jasmine Acoustic Guitar (s35)

This would be a good choice for a spare guitar, it has strengths and weaknesses which it shows on the price of this guitar


This acoustic has a really good sound for its price


You will more than likely have to spend more money on this guitar to set it up to your liking.

Fender (fa-100 dreadnought)

This acoustic guitar is a top-notch quality and well worth its price. The name Fender has been around since 1940s,you would be investing in quality just in the Fender name itself.


Just for the name Fender, which is well-established and well-known in the industry, it has an affordable price, a bright responsive tone, comes with a padded gig bag and several other features.


This guitar can be less conductive because its spruce top is laminated.

Yamaha(solid top acoustic guitar)

This is a high quality guitar from a well-known company in the music industry which is one of the best out there.


Of all the top selling acoustic guitar’s out there, this is one of the best sounding guitar’s on the market


On some of these models there has been reports of loose strap buttons.
Hopefully you are more educated on the acoustic guitar so when you are ready to shop for your guitar you have a better understanding on what to look for when shopping. If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to ask and I will do my best in trying to answer them.


Purchasing Guide For Drums

In this article I will give you enough information so you have a purchasing guide for drums when shopping for a drum set or what they call a drum kit. I will touch base on the different aspects of an acoustic drum kit versus an electronic.
                          Acoustic Versus Electronic
There are two types of drums, Acoustic Drum Sets and Electronic Drum Sets. Since I am a drummer I have experienced both..IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PURCHASING A INSTRUMENT, besides Amazon, which I highlighted in blue throughout this article,   ZZOUNDS OFFERS THE WIDEST SELECTION OF NAME-BRAND INSTRUMENTS AT GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICES. YOU CAN PURCHASE OVER 125,000 DIFFERENT PRODUCTS FROM THEIR WEBSITE 24 HOURS A DAY.
As an Amazon Associate I earn from QUALIFYING more.get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.As the owner of this website I’ve tracked down special deals for some of the products and services mentioned herein. When you use the links on this page to make a purchase i may get a small commission and you may get a great bargain. It’s a win-win all around FULL DISCLOUSURE

Acoustic Drums

These kits are what most people consider normal, drums with metal cymbals and wooden shells.


1-You don’t need speakers, amplifiers, to hear yourself play.
2- These kits are what a majority of drummers use, especially if you plan on joining a band which I consider the best option.
3-They have a more dynamic sound by how hard you hit the drum, or you could make different types of sounds using brushes or sticks or mallets etc. You can also alter the noise level or tone.
4-It’s much easier to add or eliminate to an acoustic drum kit.


1-Carrying all these drums and hardware are difficult for transport when playing out on a gig, they are bulky and some are heavy, like the bass drum.
2-They can be a disturbance to neighbors and family because of being so loud.

Electronic Drum Sets


1-You don’t have to tune electronic drum sets or worry about breaking a drum head.
2-They can produce a range of sounds to fit what music you are playing.
3-They are a lot lighter and compact, so easier to transport.
4-As for disturbing people around you, you can put headphones into these, making them almost silent, other than your sticks causing a thumping noise hitting the pads.


1-In my experience, you just don’t get a true drum sound as you do when playing on an acoustic drum kit.
2-if your playing live you just don’t get the same effect or feeling when playing.
3-You can’t get the sound of rim shots and stick taps as you can with an acoustic drum kit.

Price Range

An acoustic drum kit  can go anywhere as little as $200 all the way up to a high end of $5,000
An electronic drum setcan go as little as $200 up to $4,000


An electric drum set can be useful for recording demos, as you can record straight from your drums right into your computer, whereas, you would need microphones for acoustic drum kits.
In my opinion, if you are recording in a studio, an electric drum set is much easier to control. I prefer the acoustic drum kit when playing out or jamming with fellow musicians, they are so much more dynamic, you can use either one, it’s just easier with electric drums for the technician controlling the recording.

What You Should Consider When Buying

Drums come in different sizes which makes each drum sound different. The most common size for each drum are as follows:
1-14″ Snare Drum
2- 12″ and 13″ hook up toms
3- 16′ floor tom
4- 22″ bass drum.
These sizes give you a nice variety of sound, which is suitable for playing a large variety of music type.

Shell Material

1- Your most common shell is made of maple, its tone is well-balanced and has a warm effect
2- mahogany gives you a low-end and mid-range, which gives it a warm vintage type sound.
3- Birch gives you a darker tone, it has punchy -low-end, as well as boosted high-end frequencies.
4- Poplar gives you a bright sound and is sometimes used as a less expensive alternative to maple.

Drum heads

Drum heads at one time were made traditionally out of animal hides, but today they are made of a plastic called Mylar. Thinner drum heads give you a brighter or sharper sound, which a lot of jazz players look for. Thick drum heads give you a fatter deeper or muddier sound with less resonance, which a lot of rockers use for heavier music. This is the type of skin I prefer since I mainly play classic rock.

Drum sticks

Sticks can be very confusing when it comes to picking out a pair. The number assigned to a drumstick refers to its circumference, the lower the number the larger the circumference. 
So, if you are playing loud music you would want a thicker drum stick. If you plan on playing jazz or folk music you would want to choose a thinner pair with a larger circumference number on the drum stick.

A few different examples of cymbals and their use

1– Avedis Zildjian 18″ projection crash cymbalThis cymbal has a deep and full-bodied tone which has a clarity sound. It is very versatile and has excellent tonal quality. The design allows maximum projection when needed.


It has a brilliant finish. It’s made from a copper and tin ratio of 80/20 which gives it a powerful, full sounding tone when hit hard. When hitting it lightly it gives you a bright with plenty of sustain when pulling back


These cymbals can dull very quickly and you need to polish them often.
2- Sabian 41406x 14″ thin crash cymbal -This cymbal produces a bright and cutting sound which is great for accenting.this cymbal is sturdier than other thin cymbals and cheaper than high-end cymbals without affecting its quality.


Made from BB bronze(92% copper 8% tin), it is ideal for accenting with a punchy and fast sound. It’s a very bright and tight sounding cymbal.


This cymbal has a tendency to split faster than the heavier cymbals because of its thickness and weight.
3- Sabian Brass sb1811 18″ crash/ride cymbal- This cymbal can be loud and powerful with a dual-purpose, you can use it as a crash cymbal or a ride cymbal, which makes it a highly versatile cymbal. This cymbal is good for people that have a limited budget, where you don’t have to buy 2 separate cymbals.


This cymbal is made from brass with high-pressure hammering and traditional hand lathing techniques for excellent quality. You can use this cymbal for a light tapping ride or as a heavy hitting crash and has a lively bell that is very responsive.


Some drummers find this cymbal a little too dull sounding.
4- Paiste Cymbal pst8reflector 16″ rock crash- This cymbal is generally used for loud music. It is made from BB bronze and hand hammered which gives it a bright powerful tone.


Hand hammered with a reflector finish made from BB bronze (92% copper 8% tin), which is what gives the cymbal the loudness for loud music. It has an energetic, tonal quality with a wide range, clean mix and short sustain.


This cymbal tends to wear out quicker than other cymbals.
5- Meinl Cymbal hcs16tac brass trash crash cymbal 16″- Because this cymbal has holes in it, it gives you a dry sound with a trashy sound and less sustain. It’s perfect for a short loud accent.


Made from brass alloy (63% copper 37% zinc), gives you a quick and bright sound, great for a short burst of sound. You can stack this cymbal on top of other cymbals for different sounds.


Some drummers just don’t like the sound, especially if you want sustain in your accents.
Hopefully you gained some knowledge by reading my review on some of these items and have a better understanding of what you are looking to purchase on drums, whether it be acoustic or electronic I wish you the best of luck, keep on drumming and enjoy it. If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to ask and I will do my best to try and answer them.


History of Vinyl Records and turntables

History of Vinyl Records

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The following is a brief history of vinyl records which started in the 1900s.


Vinyl records have been a huge entertainment for listeners and collectors.RCA launched the first commercial vinyl long-playing record in 1930. Vinyl has continued to grow in popularity last year in the USA , vinyl records were over 1,000% higher than a decade prior, So where is vinyl headed from here?

Is It Okay To Listen To Music While Studying Or working

music to my earsThis is a very good question! When you listen to music it puts you in a better mood, which could make us better at studying, but it can also distract you, which could interfere with comprehending what you are studying.
So if you enjoy studying while you listen to music, do it at a volume where it doesn’t overpower your thinking and distracting you from studying but still keep you in a good mood.
Music can put us in a better mood. At one time there was something they called the “Mozart Effect”-where listening to Mozart makes you smarter and improved test scores which the researcher argued was based on the music’s ability to stimulate parts of the brain that plays a role in mathematical ability. However, this theory was debunked. It had nothing to do with Math, it was really just that music put us in a better mood.
In the 1990s there was research found called a“Blur Effect”, where kids who listened to the Brit Pop band Blur seemed to do better on tests. The “Blur Effect” became bigger than the”Mozart” Effect, simply because kids enjoyed this type of music more so than classical music.
So depending on what mood you are in when studying does have an effect on us so, music does tend to put us in a better mood and will likely have us try a little harder in our studies and challenging tasks.

Music Can Be a Distractionmusic notes

Under certain circumstances music can be a distraction. When you study, you’re using your working “memory”-which means you are holding and manipulating several bits of information in your head at once. The research shows that when you have music in the background, especially with vocals, our working memory diminishes.
As a result, reading absorption decreases when listening to music with lyrics as research shows.
Music also appears to be more distracting for people who are introverts versus people who are extroverts. Introverts tend to be more overstimulated as research shows.
A researcher named Bill Thompson and colleagues did some smart work on figuring out the effect of these two competing factors, mood and distraction. They had some individuals do some demanding comprehension task, and listen to classical music that was either slow or fast, and was either soft or loud.
The results were, when they were listening to music that were both fast and loud was the only time there was a decrease in performance. It wasn’t actually that big of a decrease in performance and other similar research also failed to find huge differences.
So to sum it up:Research is basically saying it is fine to listen to music while studying as long as it
1-not too fast and loud
2-puts you in a good mood
3-its not too wordy (ex. hip-hop, where the word are rapped rather than sung, which would be much more distracting
4-your not too introverted

Does Listening To Music Increase Productivity While Working

Music sets the tone of our environment and our mood, whether we’re unwinding after work or throwing a party. Music has become a mode of escape from a lot of outside distractions or boring tasks. So how does listening to music while working affect your abilities and focus. According to a researcher, Teresa Lesiuk, an assistant 
Based on these studies then music can have a positive affect in your work, but its effect productivity depends on the situation and type of music you listen to
So what type of music was found to be good. As discussed above on listening to music while studying, these five tasks are very similar in the work environment as well according to Dr Haake
1- Musical Structure-The more complex the song makes it more distracting to a listener than lets say a 3 or 4 chord song.
2- Lyrics-You would have a tendency to listen to the words which could interrupt your train of thought.
3-Listening Habits-If a person is used to listening to music while working, its more beneficial than distracting or vice versa
4- Difficulty of Tasks-If you are working on something more complex, music can make it more difficult to concentrate on that task.
5-Control- When music is forced on someone, its more distracting than if someone has a choice in the matter.
So in conclusion, basically listening to music while studying or working pretty much is okay providing you try to stay within those 5 rules and you are comfortable doing it.


Self Learn a Musical Instrument

There are a ton of options to self learn a musical instrument. You can go to You Tube in the music section that has tutorials on how to play instruments in pretty much any style you want. All you have to do is search what instrument you are interested in learning,spend a little time watching the teacher.If you feel comfortable with that teacher your ready to learn. If your not comfortable with that teacher move on to the next one because there are a ton of teachers to choose from, so take your time and make sure your comfortable with the teacher you choose.
If sheet music is more to your liking there are plenty of options out there to learn from sheet music. You can use mobile apps to practice or study on the go. Both the Tune store and Google Play have plenty of mobile apps that help you take your learning on the go. As you would expect the bulk of these apps teach you skills like chords and how to read sheet music.
Everyone loves music but have different ways to enjoy it. Either listening to a song or playing an instrument or singing.Each one has its own choice in joining oneself to music. It could be a hobby or career choice. This allows them a step closer to music.
As you know,there are plenty of instruments to choose from to learn how to play. If you are interested in buying an instrument zZounds offers the widest selection of name-brand instruments at guaranteed lowest prices. You can purchase over 125,000 different products from their website 24 hours a day.
<a href=""
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l="nofollow">Check it out!</a>


Its inexpensive to purchase and fun to play. It has four nylon strings (as opposed to six on a guitar) ,so you could easily pick up simple chords and play some of your favorite songs in a matter of a few weeks. You will also pick up many fundamental skills that if you ever wanted to graduate to the guitar it would be much simpler.


This instrument is also known as the (“Blues Harp”) and can be played in blues, folk,country music, jazz or rock.It’s a great choice for beginners.Harmonicas are very portable and you don’t have to worry about them being out of key


This instrument originated out of Cuba and consists of two conjoined drums. If you are a fan of Latin music or salsa, this is the instrument to play.It’s a simpler option than trying to learn a full set of drum kit but can provide the same satisfying percussion experience. If you enjoy playing them you could move onto other percussion instruments much more easily.


This instrument you would think to be a hard instrument to play because you need to coordinate both hands at once-but it actually is said to be one of the easiest instruments to learn.
Because the notes are all laid out in front of you,its easier to understand than many other instruments even though you can play wrong notes, you can never play out of tune like other instruments. This is a very popular instrument therefore there is no shortage of learning material.


This instrument looks like a smaller version of the xylophone, instead of having wooden bars, it has metal ones instead. This instrument is usually one of the first instruments you become introduced to in music class as a child. The glockenspiel is a great way to get in touch with your inner child and your inner musician.


This instrument is the perfect first wind instrument to start with. Some don’t consider it a real instrument because of how cheap it is to purchase( versus a flute).The recorder is a great instrument that is played by everyone from the absolute beginner up to the trained professionals. One doesn’t necessarily require a super-skilled teacher to learn how to coordinate the fingers, tongue and their breath-all three things at once-in order to play any tunes to a reasonable standard.
Whatever instrument you choose, excelling at music will eventually feel easy and natural,just as long as you’re engaged in your lessons and have a good teacher,if that is your chosen way to learn, who will nurture your inner musicality along the way.

what’s your goal

Self-learning is a great way to go and is a great way to challenge and improve yourself, however,there are some elements of an instrument that are difficult to learn without help and lessons can be a real game changer. If your goal is to learn for fun, there are some great resources and you can be on your way. If your goal is to be a professional, then consider finding a good teacher to help build the necessary skills.

how are you with routine

you want to learn by yourself, then you have to be ready to set a routine a goal for yourself. The best way to make sure you are improving is by practice and repetition. You have to make sure you are willing to set aside time for practice and learning for your development as a musician.

how is your motivation

When you first start off learning your instrument there will be a lot of frustrating moments and you have to find a way to push past these moments. You will make a lot of mistakes and this can cause you to just drop your instrument, throw up your hands,and just walk away. To successfully learn by yourself, you need to find your motivation by yourself and hold it.




History of Musical Instruments

Music comes from the Greek word meaning “Art of Music”. In ancient Greece, the muses were the Goddesses who inspired the arts such as music and poetry.
Music has been performed a very long time with instruments and vocals. It is not certain when musical instruments were invented, most historians point to early Flutes made from animal bones that are at least 37,000 years old. The oldest song is 4,000 years and written in ancient cuneiform .
Instruments were invented to make musical sounds. Anything that produces can be considered a musical instrument, that’s why they were created.
Take a look at some instruments that have cropped up over the centuries from all over the world If you are interested in purchasing a instrument  zZounds offers the widest selection of name-brand instruments at guaranteed lowest prices. You can purchase over 125,000 different products from their website 24 hours a day.
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As an Amazon Associate I earn from QUALIFYING more.get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.As the owner of this website I’ve tracked down special deals for some of the products and services mentioned herein. When you use the links on this page to make a purchase i may get a small commission and you may get a great bargain. It’s a win-win all around FULL DISCLOUSURE
thing ANYthing highlighted in blue will take you to Amazon


Man has been beating on drums from as far back as history records, approximately 6,000BC. They were considered at the time to be communication devices back then. Drums would later change its role and become important in tribal ceremonial gatherings where they celebrated and did ritual dancing.
Drums were used throughout numerous wars, for example, the Cival War. The fife and drummers marched proudly as their side fought for victory.
No matter where you are born or what music you listen to, drums or percussion is present, everywhere from religious and military ceremonies to popular music today.
Simple example of natural made drums were found in many archaeological digs, but the first example of drum manufacture was located in 5500 BC in Neolithic China. Their model of wooden shell that was covered by the stretched alligator skin became template for drums created across entire Asia, Middle East and Africa where drums were used for thousands of years.
First encounter of European with modern drum design came during the reign of ancient Greece and Rome, who dispersed drums that were traded from Africa across Central and Western Europe. Drums didn’t become present or prominent in Europe for centuries after, while Middle East, Asia and Japan became home of many drum designs, drums were rarely used in Europe. This changed greatly after European armies came back home after crusades bringing with them technology, knowledge and objects that enabled beginning of the European Renaissance. With the steady stream of trade arriving via Genoa and Venetian ports, Europe started its centuries long recovery after harsh dark and middle ages. This recovery also affected music, enabling drums to finally become accepted, and morphed into countless types that were used as main and secondary instruments in rhythm section of both folk and classical music.
Presence of drums in orchestras continued to evolve until 1909. Ludwig Co. managed to introduce true revolution-foot pedal for beating Bass drum. This enabled musicians to finally start using drum kits that we know and use today. Starting with the “roaring 20s” and the jazz movement of the 30s 20th century drum use received another revolution with the popularization of the rock music in 40s and 50s. By 1960,four piece drum kit became commonplace in every rock, jazz and blues band, with many drummers adding extra to their basic kit.
Drums are incredible musical instruments, tools for transferring information and part of many religious and regional ceremonies, and because of that they will forever remain an important part of our history and future.


A bell is considered one of the percussion instruments. Its sound is caused by the vibration of solid material.bells may be categorized as videophones. Bells have been associated with religious rituals over the years and are still used to call communities together for religious services.
Because bells are made from metal, their first appearance in modern history started in the first millennia BC. During that time, Chinese metalworkers started binding together pairs of tiles, creating an enclosed chamber with opened door that can amplify the sound that is bouncing inside.

Conductor’s baton

Louis Spohr in the 1820s,introduced the conductor’s baton. This is the french word meaning stick, which is used by the conductor primarily to enlarge and enhance the manual and body movement associated with directing a group of musicians with varying musical instruments. Before they invented the b aton they used a violin bow


A metronome is a device that produces an audible beat-a clicking or other sound-at regular intervals that the user can adjust in various speeds in beats per minute. Musicians use this device to practice playing to a regular pulse.
Musician Etienne Louie in 1696 made the first recorded attempt to apply the pendulum to a metronome, although the first working one did not come into play until 1814.


accordions are instruments that use reeds and air that creates its unique sound. The air is produced by a bellow, which is a device that produces a strong blast of air. The accordion is played by pressing and expanding the air bellows while the musician presses buttons and keys to force the air across reeds of different pitches and tones. It is also known as the squeezebox.
The concertina and bandoneón are related; the harmonium and American reed organ are in the same family of instruments.
There are three main styles of accordions:diatonic, chromatic and keyboard. Diatonic and chromatic accordions have a piano keyboard for keys. In a standard instrument, the player’s right-hand side of the instrument. The left-hand side has chord or bass notes, used to play rhythm.
The accordion was invented by Friedrich Bushman in 1822 in Berlin.he called it the Handaoline. In 1829,Cyrillic Damian of Vienna, created another version and called it the accordion because of the added buttons played by the left hand that sounded chords.

                                           Double  Bass

There are several double bass name instruments, some of which are:the bass, contraband, bass violin, upright bass, to name a few. The earliest known dates back to 1516. Dominic Dragonette was the first great virtuoso of this instrument and largely responsible for the double bass joining the orchestra. The double bass is the largest and lowest pitched bowed string instrument in the modern symphony orchestra.


This instrument is classified as a Chordophone, which is a fretted string instrument with anywhere from 4 to 18 strings, usually having 6. The sound is projected acoustically through a hollow wooden or plastic body or through an ELECTRICAL AMPLIFIER and speaker. It is typically played by plucking or strumming the strings with one hand with fingers or a pic, depending on what type of music being played, while the other hand presses strings along frets-raised strips that change the tone of a sound.
A 3,000 year old stone carving shows a Hittite bard playing a stringed Ghordophone, most likely a predecessor of the modern day guitar. The modern day guitar most likely originated from Spain.


This comes from the Latin and Greek words Dulce and Melos, which combined means “sweet song”. It is derived from the Zither family of stringed instruments that consists of many strings stretched across a thin flat body.a hammer dulcimer has many strings struck by handheld hammers. Being struck string instrument, it is considered to be among the ancestors of the piano.
The hammered dulcimer probably originated in the Middle East around 900 A.D. and is related to the much older psaltery. It spread from across North Africa and was brought into Europe by the Spanish Moors during the 12th century. It is the German Scheitholtz that is considered to be the forefather of the modern Dulcimer


This instrument is a predecessor of the piano, it is played by the use of a keyboard, which has levers that a musician presses to produce a sound.when the musician presses one or more keys, this triggers a mechanism, which plucks one or more strings with a small Quill.
The ancestor of this instrument, Circa 1300,was most likely a hand held plucked instrument called the Psaltery, which later had a keyboard added to it.
This instrument was most popular during the Renaissance and Baroque diminished with the creation of the piano in 1700

                                                         Pianotwo pianos on a stand

This instrument was invented around 1700,which is an acoustic instrument, meaning no amplifier or speakers, most likely invented by Bartolomeo Cristofori. You play this instrument by using your fingers and striking a keyboard, causing so like hammers within the body of the piano striking the various strings. Its predecessor was the Harpsichord.

                                          Electric Organ

The harmonium, which is the immediate predecessor of the electric organ, or reed organ, which was very popular in homes and churches in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In a fashion not totally unlike that of reed organ, or pipe organs, generated sounds by forcing air over a set of reeds by means of bellows, usually operated by constantly pumping a set of pedals.
The 1st successful electric organ was developed in 1928 in France by Edouard Coupleux and Armand Givelet. It used electric oscillators in place of the pipes of a conventional organ and was operated with keyboards and a pedal board’



Early Synthesizer

This instrument uses the left hand to modify the sound while the right hand is used to play the keyboard. Hugh Le Caine, who designed 22 musical instruments, is known as the inventor of this instrument, he also invented the variable-speed multi-track tape recorder and touch-sensative keyboard.he was a composer and Physicist.

                                   Moog Synthesizer

Synthesizers are used to imitate different instruments like organs, pianos or flutes, or to make different sounds made electronically.
Robert Moog designed his 1st synthesizer in collaboration with composers Walter Carlos and Herbert A Deutsch.Moog Synthesizers used analog circuits and signals to create a unique sound in the 1960’s


The flute, which dates back to Paleolithic times, more than 3500 years is the earliest instrument that archaeologist have found. The flute belongs to the woodwind family, but unlike other woodwinds that use reeds, the flute is needless and produces its sounds from the flow of air across an opening.many ancient cultures have some form of flute passed down through history.
The 1st flute was called the Ch-ie and emerged in China.early flutes were played in two different positions, vertically, like a recorder, or horizontally, in what was called the transverse position.


Giuiseppi Donti developed this modern 10-hole ocarina in 1853. It is considered a musical wind instrument that is a type of vessel flute, which came from ancient wind instruments.there are different variations of this instrument, but a typical ocarina is an enclosed space with 4 to 12 finger holes and a mouthpiece that projects from the instruments body.they are usually made out of clay or ceramic, but are also made out of products such as meta, glass, wood,plastic or bone


The oboe was invented by the french in the 17th century by Jean Hotteterri and Michel Danican Philidor.the oboe, called a haulbois prior to 1770(meaning “loud or High Wood ” in French.)This instrument was used in early military bands before the clarinet took its place. It was considered the melody instrument and is a double-reeded wood instrument. The oboe evolved from the Shawm, a double reed instrument most likely originated from the Eastern Mediterranean region


The 1st true single reed instrument was the Chalumeau, which is the clarinets’ predecessor. Johann Christoph Denner, is credited as the inventor of the clarinet.
In the 1940s the clarinet entered the big band jazz era.eventually, the mellow sound of the saxophone replaced the clarinet in some melodies, but even today, many jazz bands feature a clarinet.


This instrument was invented by Belgian Adolphe Sax in 1841. This instrument belongs to the woodwind family and is commonly called the sax. It is usually made of brass and has a single reed mouthpiece which closely resembles the clarinet.
Musicians play this instrument using a system of key levers, which the instrument has holes. When the player presses a key, a pad either covers or lifts off a hole, thus lowering or raising the sound or pitch.

                                             French Horn

The modern orchestral brass double french horn was invented from early hunting horns. Horns were first used as musical instruments during the 16th century operas. Fritz Kruspe is credited most often as the inventor in 1900 of the modern double french horn.


This instrument is a brass instrument recognized only in the late 14th or early 15th century, they were used as a signal device in battle or hunting, dating back as early as 1500BC,using animal horns or conch shells in Ancient Egypt, Greece and the Near East.
Charles Flagged first attempted to create a valve mechanism in the form of a trumpet in 1788,however the first practical one was invented by Heinrich Stoelzel and Friedrich Bluhmel in 1818,known as a box tubular valve.
The modern valve trumpet has evolved more than any other instrument still in use.
This instrument had concertos exclusively written by Mozart’s father,Leopoed and hayden’s brother Michael in the 2nd half of the 18th century.
Most trumpets have valves of the piston type, while some have the rotary type. The bell of the trumpet projects the sound. There are usually 3 valves that the player presses or releases to play different notes. As the musician blows into the trumpet’s mouthpiece, the valves direct the air through small pieces of extra tubing to produce the different notes. As you play the instrument, moisture from your breath condenses inside the trumpet.’


The word trombone derives from the Italian “Tromba”, meaning trumpet and the Italian suffix -one,meaning “large”, which means large trumpet. It first appeared in the 15th century.
This instrument belongs to the brass family, which the sound is produced by the vibration of the players lips causing the air column inside the trombone to vibrate, Trombones use a telescoping slide mechanism that varies the length of the instrument to change the the trumpet, it has a cylindrical bore flared to a bore.
Today’s trombone comes in five ranges, soprano,alto,tenor,bass and contraband. Special order instruments, such as the piccolo and the soprano trombone, are known, though their use is generally used in trombone bands.
The trombone was generally called the sackbut from the 15th to the 17th century


The tuba, a deep-pitched brass wind instrument with valves and wide conical bore. The word tuba originally was the name of a straight-built Roman trumpet and was the medieval Latin word for trumpet. Valved bass brass instruments for bands are mentioned as early as 1829,but little is known about them.
The modern tuba, to the joint patent of the valve, was invented by Freidrich Bluhmel and Heinrich Stolzel in 1818,as I mentioned under the topic trumpet.
The sound is produced by moving air past the lips, causing them to vibrate into a large cupped mouthpiece, similar to all brass instruments.
It all began with a peculiar -looking Medieval instrument made of wood and leather that was redesigned numerous times, first gaining keys, a straightened wood or metal body in two sections and even more keys, an upright configuration of graceful, wound tubing and valves, a circular design resembling a snake once more, and eventually culminating in the 4-valve BB Flat that we all know and love today.



















The Roles Music Plays In Our Life

The Role of Music in our Life

Music is the greatest creation of mankind. Music has an important role in all of our lives. It is a way of expressing our feelings and emotions
A lot of people think that music is a therapy that calms people down, as a way to escape from the pain of life. It gives you relief and allows you to reduce the stress in our lives.It also helps people feel joyful and cheerful.
Music also develops the mind and boosts plays an important role in our life than just being a source of entertainment
music makes you Express Your Emotions
When playing an instrument it usually reflects your thoughts and emotions. It communicates with your brain the thoughts without saying a word. When we try to understand the music,then as per research, it makes our brain more creative.

Music Makes Us More Creativemusic notes

Music is a key to creativity. It helps to improve your mind by making it more artistic. It requires art, creativity and imagination that music fulfills.It also is proven that music has the potential to improve your listening and understanding ability. When listening to a song,you try to understand what the singer is trying to convey through the song that he is singing. Understanding ability is enhanced, when a person listens to an instrument he uses his brain to understand the message conveyed by the musician without saying a word.


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Music Makes Learning More Pleasant

MUSIC helps to memorize. It is easier to learn songs because whatever your mind enjoys, it preserves it. Music helps you learn new things more quickly because of the enjoyment of music. Poems are being taught to children because they find them interesting so its much easier to remember. The music in the poems makes it more enjoyable, therefore you retain them in your memory throughout your life. Even schools realize the importance of music by adding methods of teaching by making their subjects more interesting with the help of music.

Music Serves So Many Purposesmusic to my ears

To name a few different purposes. Imagine you watching a movie, whether it be a drama or comedy,and during that movie there isn’t a musical note or music inserted in key parts of certain scenes, imagine how dull and how much it would change the scenes the director was trying to get across to his audience,whether it was a comedy part or a suspense scene.
How about when you go to a wedding and the bride walks down the aisle and there is no music, it would change the whole atmosphere of the wedding. Then there is the reception afterwards, where music makes the whole event so much happier with people dancing and celebrating and having a good time.
Music has so many roles in our life I could go on and on and without music playing such an important role in our lives and children’s lives I don’t think our life would be fulfilled without it