Is It Okay To Listen To Music While Studying Or working

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music to my earsThis is a very good question! When you listen to music it puts you in a better mood, which could make us better at studying, but it can also distract you, which could interfere with comprehending what you are studying.
So if you enjoy studying while you listen to music, do it at a volume where it doesn’t overpower your thinking and distracting you from studying but still keep you in a good mood.
Music can put us in a better mood. At one time there was something they called the “Mozart Effect”-where listening to Mozart makes you smarter and improved test scores which the researcher argued was based on the music’s ability to stimulate parts of the brain that plays a role in mathematical ability. However, this theory was debunked. It had nothing to do with Math, it was really just that music put us in a better mood.
In the 1990s there was research found called a“Blur Effect”, where kids who listened to the Brit Pop band Blur seemed to do better on tests. The “Blur Effect” became bigger than the”Mozart” Effect, simply because kids enjoyed this type of music more so than classical music.
So depending on what mood you are in when studying does have an effect on us so, music does tend to put us in a better mood and will likely have us try a little harder in our studies and challenging tasks.

Music Can Be a Distractionmusic notes

Under certain circumstances music can be a distraction. When you study, you’re using your working “memory”-which means you are holding and manipulating several bits of information in your head at once. The research shows that when you have music in the background, especially with vocals, our working memory diminishes.
As a result, reading absorption decreases when listening to music with lyrics as research shows.
Music also appears to be more distracting for people who are introverts versus people who are extroverts. Introverts tend to be more overstimulated as research shows.
A researcher named Bill Thompson and colleagues did some smart work on figuring out the effect of these two competing factors, mood and distraction. They had some individuals do some demanding comprehension task, and listen to classical music that was either slow or fast, and was either soft or loud.
The results were, when they were listening to music that were both fast and loud was the only time there was a decrease in performance. It wasn’t actually that big of a decrease in performance and other similar research also failed to find huge differences.
So to sum it up:Research is basically saying it is fine to listen to music while studying as long as it
1-not too fast and loud
2-puts you in a good mood
3-its not too wordy (ex. hip-hop, where the word are rapped rather than sung, which would be much more distracting
4-your not too introverted

Does Listening To Music Increase Productivity While Working

Music sets the tone of our environment and our mood, whether we’re unwinding after work or throwing a party. Music has become a mode of escape from a lot of outside distractions or boring tasks. So how does listening to music while working affect your abilities and focus. According to a researcher, Teresa Lesiuk, an assistant 
Based on these studies then music can have a positive affect in your work, but its effect productivity depends on the situation and type of music you listen to
So what type of music was found to be good. As discussed above on listening to music while studying, these five tasks are very similar in the work environment as well according to Dr Haake
1- Musical Structure-The more complex the song makes it more distracting to a listener than lets say a 3 or 4 chord song.
2- Lyrics-You would have a tendency to listen to the words which could interrupt your train of thought.
3-Listening Habits-If a person is used to listening to music while working, its more beneficial than distracting or vice versa
4- Difficulty of Tasks-If you are working on something more complex, music can make it more difficult to concentrate on that task.
5-Control- When music is forced on someone, its more distracting than if someone has a choice in the matter.
So in conclusion, basically listening to music while studying or working pretty much is okay providing you try to stay within those 5 rules and you are comfortable doing it.

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