Importance of Music In Our society

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prospective music studentImportance of Music In Our Society

Music is such a broad subject, from different types of music to musical instruments.If you decide to take up a musical instrument,it is important to practice your musical instrument as often as possible,and if it is a child ,try to keep that child motivated to want to practice instead of it becoming a bore and try to show them the importance of music in our society
It is important to start introducing young children to music because it opens up a whole new world for children.Music could impact a child’s development,improve social skills,and benefit children of all ages.Music is one of the most joyful experiences in life and the sooner us adults can introduce children to all sorts and types of music the better they will be..
Children experience their love and happiness through music games.It develops children’s musical potential.Music ignites all areas of child development and skills for school readiness.This is why you as parents, should work at keeping your son or daughter motivated when it comes to practicing they’re instrument or whatever they are involved with musically ,whether it be dance or downloading music etc

Motivating Children To Play,Practice And Listen To Music

There are effective ways to motivate your child to practice music.There is always going to be a time where your child doesn’t want to practice no matter how excited your child is listening to music
To help you from not going crazy here are some steps from music teachers,bloggers,and child psychologists to help you motivate your child to practice.

Treat Music Like a Different Subject

Think back when we were children going to school when we had all kinds of homework like Math,English,history etc.
With so many different subjects,its no wonder trying to get your child to practice seems like a burden to a kid.That’s where you can help,by shifting your child’s mindset by helping your child see music in a different light
Rather than treating music like any other subject,create a distinction so your child sees music as something he or she wants to be interested in doing.The best way is to let him or her play an instrument they’re actually interested in.
“If you want your child to be motivated to play an instrument it needs to be different than other educational subjects” says Bobby K from Guitar Chalk.

Put Your Child In Control

Nobody likes to be told what to do.Put your child in control,let him or her determine the practice schedule,that way they’re more likely to stick to it.
“Kids hear adults tell them all the time what to do,to catch their attention,let them plan their own practice schedule” says Nicole Weiss,LCSW,psychotherapist and coach
.Basically, you want your child to make the decision that he or she needs to practice so that he or she can play the way he or she wants to play.The parent can help the child research and figure out how often a good musician practices.This puts in the child’s mind that in order to be good he or she must practice and will make them also feel in control.
The child makes the schedule,then the parent reinforces it.I’m sure parents would say-yeah but will they do that day to day?That’s where the parent comes in,but you have more weight in your reminder.It was your child’s desire to make the goal additionally,the reward should be for accomplishing little goals,for example,practice every night this week and we can download that song you want.Reward the work.

Help Your Child Understand The Gift of Musictwo pianos on a stand

Show your child that playing a musical instrument is a special privilege and an opportunity that isn’t necessarily available to everyone.Teach them to appreciate music and all it has to offer.Help them to understand that music can enhance their lives.
Help your child develop a love for music.Take them to concerts,plays,or shows,play music at home and help them discover what they like.
Teaching your child to appreciate music can help them understand why practice is important.Parents can help children know the value that musical talent can bring to society.

Don’t make practice an obligationlittle child playing harp

This one may seem a bit counter intuitive,right?After all ,you invested the money in an instrument and lessons,and you want your child to make the most of it.Plus,if your son or daughter wants to be good at their craft he or she needs to practice
The key here is to not make practice seem like an obligation,as compared to other fun activities like playing video games or playing outside,don’t allow him or her to do this until after completing practice.
Using a fun activity as a reward will create the mindset that practice is the obligation that stands in the way of the fun activity,and this could create resentment for practice.
As (Why we teach piano)suggests,”Don’t set an arbitrary amount of practice time without specific goals,and then reward them with playtime or video games afterwards.This just reinforces the notion that playing piano is not fun and video games are fun”.

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Your son or daughter need to have a goal in sight,otherwise he or she may question the need to practice.
“If you want to keep your child engaged and excited about their music education,make sure they’re performing constantly throughout the year”,says Anthony M.founder and author of the Music Parents Guide.”There are other profound effects on more scheduled performances for all school programs,as well.We as parents and teachers ,need to foster a growing curiosity and even an excitement about music in our children’s lives.Consistent performances are the best way to do this and continue to motivate our children”.

It gets better;

not only performances help increase excitement ,they also work to hold children accountable.Ask any music teacher – even the most unmotivated student will be more likely to practice if it means avoiding embarrassment at a recital!

Music is a Rewarding Experience for You and Your Childmusic lover

Hopefully,you became more motivated as parents to instill dedication in your sons or daughters music endeavors and practicing methods by having them choose the right instrument for them which would be a lot easier to hold their attention with the right instrument and instilling more interest in music itself,whether it be playing an instrument or just listening to music.The point being is how important I feel music is introduced in your child’s life

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