Acoustic Guitar Reviews

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If you are a guitar player or thinking of becoming one, an acoustic guitar s one instrument that can’t be beat because of its simplistic beauty. The acoustic guitar is user-friendly and you can’t beat the price. Some musical instruments can be very pricey for beginners and much more difficult to learn. Acoustic guitar’s are easier to learn, easy to carry around with you and a lot less noisy to the ears. They are a lot easier to purchase price wise. The hardest part is finding the right acoustic guitar to fit you. There are certain aspects to look for when shopping for an acoustic guitar.
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Selecting Tonewoods

1-Rosewood-This is one of the most popular choices, it is usually seen on the fretboard of the guitar.
2-Basswood- This is usually found on more inexpensive acoustic guitar’s because of the price of the wood.
3-Ash- This tonewood is known for its pleasing resonance and is very popular.
4-Cedar- this tonewood is usually used on top of the guitar.
5-Mahogany and Maple- These two tonewoods when paired together are two of the best.
6-Spruce- This tonewood is fairly inexpensive and also used for the top of the guitar with good results.
There are other combinations of tonewoods also that can sound good when you’re shopping, the best way to choose one is either listen to a recording of the guitar or simply try one out for yourself in a store.


Most manufacturers pre-string the acoustic guitar before selling them to keep the tension while its settling into shape. They usually use a middle gauge, which can be hard on the fingers, especially if you are starting out as a beginner. Before you go changing them, you should seek advice from an experienced teacher or musician if you are starting out because, some playing styles, like chord strumming are easier with heavier gauge strings.

Expensive Strings

Strings do play an important role on an acoustic guitar’s overall tones and resonances, but they will not improve a bad guitar’s performance. Excessive buzzing is a symptom of the strings being too close to the fretboard. You could put the most expensive strings on a guitar that buzzes and it will not solve the problem.

Steel Strings and Nylon Strings

Steele strings have a lot more tension on a guitar’s head and neck than nylon strings. Some musicians would rather have steel strings if they are going to be using a slide or plan on playing blues or rock trying different techniques.
Steel strings may not be a good idea for classical and flamingo guitar’s because they can’t handle the extra stress that the steel strings put on it.
Nylon strings are much easier on the fingers if you are a beginner. Nylon strings gives you a mellower tone for finger picking music.
You can use a lighter gauge metal string if your Leary about changing to nylon strings which could be just as easy on your fingers as nylon strings would be.

Todays Strings

Because of the ever-changing technology, it is always advisable to do your research to see what options are out there.
Some manufacturers wrap copper, silk, or nylon around the lower steel wires which produces a more delicate tone. Some manufacturers put a polymer coating to reduce friction and rust. Bronze alloys containing phosphor or aluminum extends the life of the strings.

What To look for When Buying

There are a wide variety of acoustic guitar’s out there to choose from and can get very confusing. When it comes to acoustic guitar’s, tonality is an important factor. Sound holes, fretboard, type of strings, and type body all play individual roles in the sound of the guitar. Even how far the strings are from the fretboard (“called the action”), can affect the sound.
Some manufactures rely on adhesives or carpentry joints(dovetails) to keep the body and neck together under tension while other manufacturers reinforce this connection mechanically using special metal truss rods or screws.
The overall fit should be strong with no signs of warping or splitting or cracking.
Tonewoods and type of finish can also make a difference in quality.

Cost of an Acoustic Guitar

An acoustic guitar can cost anywhere from less than $100.00 to over $15,000 for a rare vintage collectible.
Sometimes the difference between a low-end guitar and a high-end guitar is mostly cosmetic. It could be made of a pricier tonewood or a more intricate inlay on the body of the guitar.
Other times there is a true difference in overall quality between the two. The differences are the craftsmanship and choice materials that the manufacturer uses.
If you are a beginner student, you will not necessarily benefit from an expensive brand name guitar, but a professional musician with years of experience under his belt may want to examine the material choices before investing in a new guitar.
Hopefully, I gave you enough information so you can make a good educated decision when looking to buy an acoustic guitar. I picked a few acoustic guitar’s for review to show you the differences on some of these varieties.

Rogue (ra090) dreadnought

This guitar is priced that anyone can afford. It’s an ideal instrument for the beginner.


This guitar has a balanced tone and plenty of projection, that it can be heard across the room.
This affordable guitar features a whitewood body which brings out lots of mid-range punch. The nato neck adds sustain without losing any strength in tone. The painted maple bridge and fingerboard add clarity to each note, and has a beautiful look to the front of the guitar. The RA-90s c-shape neck 1-2/3″ nut width and 16″ radius help with intricate fretboard movements when running up and down the 20 frets. It has nickel hardware and covered tuners.


It does have small flaws that are visible but does not affect the sound, like for instance, visual imperfections in the finish and not a perfectly smooth sanding job before the final finish and also has a glue smell.

Washburn (wd 100 dl) dreadnought mahogany

This guitar is a steel string acoustic guitar that has a mahogany top and dreadnought size, which makes it great for both practice and playing out. Mahogany is dark colored wood that, when used as a guitar soundboard, creates a warm, full tone. It also features mahogany back and sides which helps balance out the powerful low-and high-end inherent to the dreadnought body shape. This guitar has a very pleasant sound and is loud enough to be heard in small venue without amplification.
It has a full-length 251/2″ mahogany neck with a rosewood fretboard, a rosewood bridge, vintage style headstock, die-cast tuners, and a gig bag.


Very good construction with a natural finish on it. The guitar stays in tune once tuned. It has nice, low action, which makes it good for anyone to play on, whether you are a beginner or a professional. It has a full sound. The strings it comes with are good quality


This guitar may need to be setup upon arrival. If you are a beginner or not experienced enough you would have to take it to a guitar shop to get it set up, otherwise great guitar for the money.

Best Choice Products-(38 inch starter pkg) acoustic guitar for beginners

If you are looking for a childs toy, this acoustic guitar for beginners, this could be the right choice


This guitar has a very low price on it and would be a great start as a beginner package.


The guitar construction and tone has quality issues, plus there are no dots on the neck or fretboard.

Epiphone acoustic guitar(dr-100)

This guitar is recommended a lot of times by teachers for its low price and resonant mahogany components. Beginner students will have a better learning experience because of the improvement of the sound of this guitar.


With this guitar you have 3 color choices and it has a mahogany back and neck with an authentic acoustic sound.


This guitar tends to have a buzzing sound when playing it so,you may have to adjust the bridge.

Jasmine Acoustic Guitar (s35)

This would be a good choice for a spare guitar, it has strengths and weaknesses which it shows on the price of this guitar


This acoustic has a really good sound for its price


You will more than likely have to spend more money on this guitar to set it up to your liking.

Fender (fa-100 dreadnought)

This acoustic guitar is a top-notch quality and well worth its price. The name Fender has been around since 1940s,you would be investing in quality just in the Fender name itself.


Just for the name Fender, which is well-established and well-known in the industry, it has an affordable price, a bright responsive tone, comes with a padded gig bag and several other features.


This guitar can be less conductive because its spruce top is laminated.

Yamaha(solid top acoustic guitar)

This is a high quality guitar from a well-known company in the music industry which is one of the best out there.


Of all the top selling acoustic guitar’s out there, this is one of the best sounding guitar’s on the market


On some of these models there has been reports of loose strap buttons.
Hopefully you are more educated on the acoustic guitar so when you are ready to shop for your guitar you have a better understanding on what to look for when shopping. If you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to ask and I will do my best in trying to answer them.

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