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Hi,I’m glad you stopped by to visit my website on how to keep children and  adults motivated in music


I was always interested in music starting in the 5th grade where I became interested in playing the drums. I joined the school band and that is where I started getting music lessons from the music teacher.
The following year I asked my parents for a drum set for Christmas which they did give me, it wasn’t an expensive set but I was really excited when I saw it, it was red sparkle,which I thought was the coolest color in the world. After I received the drum set I asked my father if I could take private lessons, which back then was $4 a half hour, I’m revealing my age lol, he said yes and he would drive me to practice and then pick me up.
In 7th grade I had my first band with some of my friends, there was five of us, we would play at school dances and private parties which our parents would drive us there in a van with our equipment. We were playing music like wipe out,pipeline,bands like the ventures,4 seasons,beach boys etc. That band,which we called the Mariners and then changed the name to the ultrasonics which I had printed on my bass drum head, lasted 2 years and then the music changed to The Beatles,Rolling Stones, Animals,Cream,Hendrix etc.which ended up breaking the band up because some musicians in the band weren’t ready to change their style of music.
I have been in many bands since then and I still am in two bands today, playing mostly classic rock. I have to thank my parents for putting up with all the racket in their basement and taking the time to show interest in the music we were playing and paying for private music lessons and buying me my 1st drum set and driving my bands to gigs when we had them. That help made it so much easier to stay motivated and sticking to my instrument. They showed a real interest in my music.


adults play a big role when it comes to music and I feel music is a very important part of a childs growing and development. So I made this website to try to get children interested in music whether it be music or learning a musical instrument and helping parents to try to keep their children motivated. Playing music when I was a kid and till this day is one of the most rewarding experiences that I have had in my life and I want as many children to experience what I feel about music in their life as well.

The goal of my site

The goal of my website is to teach parents or adults on how to keep children interested and motivated in the world of music whether it being just listening and learning different types of music or learning to play an instrument and hopefully keeping them as excited as I was as a child

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